Fronius is like SMA one of the largest inverter manufacturers in the world. The Austrian producer was founded in 1945 with the building of Welding transformers. Fronius started in 1992 with the construction of inverters for solar installations and is now almost 20 years a landmark in the solar market. Since the advent of the new Symo, Galvo and Primo line we can offer a Fronius inverter with WiFi capability for 1 fase and 3 fase installations.

We are Fronius service partner. This means we can resolve all technical issues with the Fronius inverters and have full support of Fronius.

Maximum flexibility for the applications of tomorrow.

Boasting power categories ranging from 3.0 to 27.0 kW, the transformer less Fronius Symo, ECO  and Primo are one and three-phase inverters for systems of every size. The high system voltage, wide input voltage range and two MPP trackers ensure maximum flexibility in system design. The standard interface to the internet via WLAN or Ethernet and the ease of integration of third-party components make the Fronius Symo one of the most communicative inverters on the market.

Displaying, analysing and archiving PV system data

With the online monitoring tools from Fronius, the system data is available in an engaging format at any time, whether on the computer in the office, on your smartphone when you are on the road, or on your tablet at home. Intelligent analysis functions are included as a reliable means of preventing yield losses. Fronius also offers attractive solutions for local data displays.

Fronius monitoring from Ab Solar Africa

Maximum results:

We use for our systems the Fronius PV controller to work in harmony with a genset.

This means when there is a power cut, the solar can work with the generator to avoid high consumption of fuel but power your installation for a big part of the solar system. This also results in a longer lifetime of the generator.