AB Solar Africa is a joint venture between DSE group and Ibort System Engineering Services. DSE group (Dutch Sustainable Energy group) is founded in 2009 and started with PV solar installations in 2010.  They spring from a Dutch company called Arends Techniek, who has been active in installing solar in the Netherlands for a long time. They have done many installations ranging from small residential up to large-scale industrial systems. Together with their teams, they have commissioned over 2800 solar installations. Ibort System Engineering Services is an electrical engineering company founded in 2013 and has a huge experience in electrical installations in Ghana. They are fully licensed by the energy commission and are the perfect partner for all kind of electrical engineering.

AB Solar Africa is active in Ghana and other (West) African countries. For us, it is very important to involve local people to help us do the installation. We will make sure that our local team will be thoroughly trained by us, so they will be able to perform installations, maintenance, and service. By doing so, we can assure a proper functioning of your system and support the local economy at the same time.

AB Solar team