A solar surface or submersible pump offers unparalleled flexibility for small, rural communities and large-scale water supply demands. These pumping systems can be used for pumping from wells, ponds, and streams.

Which pump you select a pumping solution depends on your application. We can provide pumps and inverters from Grundfos, Lorentz or Frezite . All these systems are European brands and of the highest standards.


If you are interested in a solar pump solution please download the below paper. After you fill this in you can return it via mail.

AB Solar pumps for Ghana market

Download Pump sizing paper. 

Pumps can be split up in:

Surface pumps

Solar surface pump from AB solar Africa

Mostly used to pump from a lake, pond or stream. Surface pumps can be used to transport high volumes of water and these pumps can go up to 1500m³/day for standard systems.

Submersible pumps


These pumps are mostly placed in a well and can go up to 100 – 300 mtr head (deep)  and pump up to 120m³ per hour.